We want to make a difference and that is why we produce promotional items from recycled Ocean-Plastic or finance the collection of plastic
waste with each item if you like. In this way, we can not only neutralize your plastic footprint but convert it into a positive one.

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plastic positive
plastic positive

1. we produce on request individual promotional items and lifestyle products for your brand and support you in finding the right items for your

2. for each product manufactured, we finance the collection of plastic waste, thereby cleaning the seas and giving the population in particularly badly affected regions the opportunity to earn an income.

3. you receive your desired products with a positive plastic balance, inspire your customers and do something good in the process.
On request, we will calculate an individual plastic footprint for your
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There are reasons why there is so much of it. The problem is that plastic is seen as waste and not as a resource.

About 90% of plastic pollution occurs in developing countries due to a lack of infrastructure.

With the world's leading "Plastic Ecosystem" the Plastic Bank tackles the problem at its roots. Residents of these regions can exchange collected plastic for goods and cash.

Not only does this prevent the plastic from entering the ocean, but it is
also recycled and used to manufacture new products - saving 75% of fossil fuels.
Entferne 1 KG Plastik mit jedem Produkt

Offset Baby! Da wir nicht nur Artikel aus recyceltem Plastikherstellen, sondern zusammen mit der Plastic Bank über
ein Offset-Programm arbeiten, können wir den Plastic-Footprintvon praktisch jedem erdenklichen Artikel nicht nur ausgleichen,sondern ins Positive umwandeln.


aus recycelten Materialien
aus nachhaltigen Materialien
normale Materialien - plastic offset
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